Spurt! Launches Team and Project Management Tool, Sync!

2 min readJul 23, 2022


Following a successful private beta, Spurt! has announced the public release of its new team and project management tool, Sync!, into public beta. Sync! is now available globally and is free to use throughout the beta period.

We have launched Sync! A collaboration and project management platform

How Can You Benefit from Sync!

Sync! is designed for small businesses or teams of 10 or less and enables end to end team and project management with features for project management, team communication, payments and talent recruitment. Team leaders and business owners on Sync! can engage with their existing teams or find freelancers to collaborate with on projects.

Use Sync! to create a project, set specific milestones with timeframes and associated compensation and then invite employees or find freelancers to execute each milestone. The product minimizes the need to micromanage employees and helps drive confidence all both parties by ensuring that compensation is directly tied performance.

What Are the Costs?

Sync! is free to use throughout the beta period and will subsequently be billed as a subscription product for both businesses and freelancers. Monthly pricing averages as $7/month.

How Can You Be Part of This?

Visit www.teamsync.tools and sign up as a team leader (partner) or freelancer (member) for free. Watch our demo video to learn more about Sync!