Empowering Northern Nigeria: A Promising Journey Between Spurt! and NFC

3 min readOct 23, 2023


Northern Founders Community’s (NFC) Founders Series

The journey towards becoming a founder often starts with a spark of entrepreneurship. In the case of Kristin Wilson, Aminat Amao, and Princess Edokpayi, that spark ignited a powerful vision that eventually gave rise to Spurt!. All three of them have backgrounds deeply rooted in entrepreneurship, and it was this foundation that set them on a path to make a lasting impact in the business world.

As they embarked on their entrepreneurial journey, they encountered a common scenario. Many promising businesses operated with limited resources, hindering their potential for growth and their ability to positively impact the community. Witnessing the untapped potential of these businesses and understanding the transformative effect that proper resources could have, they felt a compelling urge to establish Spurt! Their mission was, and remains, crystal clear: “To empower 1 billion companies and nurture global success stories.” To listen to the full conversation, click here.

The Northern Founders Community (NFC)

Northern Founders Community (NFC) stands as a dedicated community striving to bridge gaps in the northern tech ecosystem of Nigeria. Their primary objective is to facilitate the swift flow of opportunities, both local and global, and crucial information to the tech ecosystem in the northern region of Nigeria. NFC recognises the untapped potential and abundant opportunities in Northern Nigeria, making it a focal point of their efforts.

Challenges of Doing Business in Northern Nigeria

Northern Nigeria is a region characterised by its unique culture, diverse people, and a rich tapestry of local dynamics. Spurt! has employees working remotely in locations such as Kaduna, Abuja, and Bauchi, making them well-acquainted with the intricacies of the region. However, their journey hasn’t been without its share of challenges, and one major roadblock has been infrastructure and connectivity.

In the past, the language barrier posed a challenge. However, in recent times, infrastructure issues have taken precedence. One glaring issue is the lack of access to basic resources. Many young individuals in the North lack laptops, which restricts their participation in valuable programs like the Spurt! Training and Empowerment Program (STEP).

A concerning trend is the lack of diversified talents in many organisations in the region. It’s not uncommon to find individuals who juggle multiple roles, acting as HR personnel, accountants, and social media managers all at once. This scarcity of diverse skill sets, coupled with an insufficient opportunity to develop the necessary skills, presents a significant hurdle.

Despite these challenges, the people of Northern Nigeria exhibit remarkable attributes when it comes to commitment and resilience. The region is home to individuals with a strong mindset, ready to tackle obstacles head-on.

The journey of Spurt! and NFC reflects the commitment to transform these challenges into opportunities. It’s about bringing resources, education, and empowerment to a region that holds immense potential. The story of Spurt! and NFC is a testament to the entrepreneurial spirit and dedication required to uplift communities, cultivate talent, and drive economic development in Northern Nigeria. The NFC is working towards linking talents from the northern part of Nigeria to different tech companies.

As they continue on this path, the founders of Spurt! and the members of NFC are determined to make a difference and nurture a thriving tech ecosystem in the North and across Africa. Their story will serve as an inspiration for others, illustrating that despite challenges, vision, commitment, and hard work can create a brighter future for communities and businesses in Northern Nigeria.